Body By Vi ~ ViSalus 30 Day Detox


My first experience with this product was a year ago. I will be the first to admit I am NOT a fan of fad diets. However I am like most over weight Americans, I will try almost anything within reason in an attempt to lose weight. Even if it’s against my better judgement such as trying a fad diet. At the time I even now days I see a lot of hype on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and every other corner of the Internet about Body By Vi. Like with many fad diets all it seems you ever hear are the positive results. You never hear anything else. You have to spend a great deal of time finding those people thousands of people who didn’t find results with it. I have a casual friend who had tried it and found results and went on to become a distributor. I have an earlier blog that I posted that tells a little more about how I learned of this product and ending up purchasing it. You can find it by clicking here. (If you are thinking of purchasing it, I suggest you read.) One of the things this company campaigns is a 90 day challenge. Although I planned to do the 90 day challenge when I originally purchased the product I only used the product for about 6 seeks. If you’re not familiar with this product it is very similar to Slim Fast! Same concept just a different company and manufacture.
body-by-vi-shake-imagesYou get up in the morning and drink a shake within the first hour you are up. Which by the way this picture makes them look far more appealing than what they actually look like when you make them at home! Two hours later you eat a sensible snack, something like a small apple. Two hours later you have another shake. Two hours later you have an afternoon snack, one package of string cheese & 8 almonds. Two hours later you have dinner which goes something like this: a small salad, as in a real salad. Lot of veggies. Nothing like hard boiled eggs, cheese, ham chicken or things you like on. Lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers. A healthy salad. Next come dressing. Instead of blue cheese, thousand island or ranch. Think of light vinaigrette. Then you three ounces of fish broiled. Then two hours later you would have another snack, 1/3 of a cup of cottage cheese. And two half cups of two veggies steamed! Plus you end up drinking about six 16.24 ounce bottles of water.
This first week I was on this program I was miserable. Between the shakes and all the water I wasn’t even hungry at dinner time and typically forced myself to eat dinner. Which I wasn’t even able to finish the meal. Typically I took one bite of each thing on my plate and then wrapped it up and put it in the fridge because I knew if I ate any more I would literally vomit. My stomach and skin around my stomach felt so tight and bloated as IF I had swallowed a basketball, some nights I thought my abdomen was literally going to pop open. Then at bed time I would literally lye in bed for hours listening to my stomach growling, literally fantasizing about food. Something I had never done before in my life. All while wondering if I was going to have to run to the bathroom to vomit, nothing but the vile I had in my stomach by this point in the night. After speaking to my doctor I realize the reason for the stomach pain, tightness and uncomfortableness was from the appetite suppressant that came in my kit. I stopped using the appetite suppressant and was able to get throught the day without feeling as if my stomach was literaly going to fall into my lap with my insides hanging out!
waterThe next hurdle. All of the liquid consumption. Although I don’t consume as much daily water as I do normally when not on this product. I generally have always drank more water daily than anyone I know, literally. However while on this program I did drink the daily required amount. Between all of the bottles of water AND the two shakes a day, I found myself literally running to the bathroom every five minutes to urinate. Anytime I mentioned this to anyone they assured me, “Your body is just not use to consuming that much water, once it does you won’t have the problem.” Well maybe it was because I was only on this program 6 weeks instead of 12. My body NEVER got use to it. The entire 6 weeks I ran to the bathroom more times every in my life, literally! I was scared to death to leave my house for more than 20 minutes at a time. One day I made the mistake of going to the market to big up some produce. Only living a half a mile from the store, I thought to myself I can make it to the store and back in less than 30 minutes just to get produce. I got to the store got my cart, my produce and started walking to the check out line. Then it hit me, O GOD I have to pee. The store of course had no public restroom. I had to leave my cart in the middle of the store and drive home. The half a mile home I honestly wasn’t sure if I would make it without having an accident. Pulled in the drive way and thought okay I am home all I have to do now is make it in the house. Made it out of the truck and to my front door, fumbling to unlock my door, I lost complete control of my blatter!! Something that hadn’t happen to me as a grown adult. I struggled to get in my house getting my clothes off and to the bathroom to shower and dress and do laundry.
healthy_unhealthyYet another daily hurdles. Eating every two hours. Most doctors and medical staff or weight loss programs or healthy life style information a person reads recommends eating four to six small meals a day vs 3 meals. Honestly weather is regular meals or this or any kind of weight loss program I honestly do not know how people do this. Between making a shake every two hours, plus the clean up time, preparing dinner, the snacks preparing and clean up. I would make a shake drink it, clean everything up. Two hours later prepare a snack, eat it, clean up. Two hours later make a shake, drink it clean up. Two hours later prepare a snack, eat it, clean up. Two hours make prepare dinner, eat it clean up. Two hours later prepare a snack, eat it, clean up. In between all of that I was drinking 7 bottles of water and running to the bathroom. The entire 6 weeks all I could think was how in the hell does ANYONE do this daily and work for a living?!?! I was working from home at the time so it wasn’t that big of a deal. ONLY if you want to consider I literally took a 6 week vacation because the ONLY thing I literally got done was 6 weeks of a 12 week Body By Vi weight loss challenge!! Honestly, all in all it was actually all this and much worse than what I am sharing with all of you!
The entire 6 weeks all I could think was how in the hell does ANYONE do this daily and work for a living. If the experience was that horrible and much more, you may be wondering why I have decided to use this product again for 30 days. Maybe your wondering if my experience wasn’t as bad as I made it sound. The truth is it was honestly worse than I made it sound. However this is my reasoning for trying it again for 30 days. As bad as it was the experience taught me a few things.
1. Never naively going any weight loss program. No matter how easy you think it is going to be or how much you think you did your homework it can still be very difficult and challenging in ways you never imagined.
2. It made me look at food in a completely different way. How unhealthy my choices were when shopping for food at the market.
3. I started looking and actually reading labels. I realized some of the things I thought were “healthy” purchases were not all that healthy after all.
After half the fast food, soda and junk food out of my system for 7-10 days the truth is I didn’t even miss it. Being a fast food junkie that in itself was a big deal. While I did have some other side effects from the product such from the appetite suppressants and non stop trips to the bathroom. Overall at the end of 30 days my body and system felt better than it had in years. I would love to credit all that to Body By Vi. The truth is had I simply given up fast food and started eating healthy meals I would have gotten the same effect! Although I am an experienced cook, learning how to cook healthy and eat health has been one of my biggest challenges in life! I have an appointment with a nutritionist in 6 weeks. Having used this product before and knowing ahead of time what to expect and what not to expect. I thought this would be a good way to start of detox my body from fast food and junk food before meeting with the nutritionist.  

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